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Special Needs Supermom Platform

Hello mama!

Never ending to-do lists, tired, feeling guilty all the time towards your kids, spouse, work, friends and family, constantly battling and feeling frustrated about the (outer expectations of) outside world? Time for yourself? What’s that?

O mama I hear you – and I am glad you’re here. Welcome to your Special Needs Supermom Platform where you can find everything you need to find and recharge your superpowers:


  • The Special Needs Supermom podcast – the glass of wine for your mind, packed with useful stories to let you know you’re not alone and great practical tips for both you and your kid.
  • The Special Needs Supermom planner – to help you conquer time and find time for yourself all while staying on top of things instead of drowning in tasks and losing the battle with time.
  • Link to your – private – tribe of special needs moms.
  • Your very own Mom Reward Chart.
  • Practical tips for daily life.
  • Quick tips against overwhelm and anxiety.


I’m Nadine

I’m Nadine, special needs supermom of an autistic wonderboy and a supergirl battling juvenile arthritis.

A couple of years ago I was one burned out supermom. How can you possible relax when the health of your kid is taking a nose dive? When your kid is mentally struggling? I missed a tribe of fellow moms who understood me. A place to relax, recharge, vent, share tips, laugh and cry. A glass of wine for my mind so to speak. This let to the Special Needs Supermom Podcast, digital products and now this platform. 

I hope it will help you find and recharge your superpowers. That it will bring you inner peace, confidence, strength and perhaps even a smile. Relax mama, you’ve got this.

Stay sane and stay happy


The podcast

The Special Needs Supermom Podcast is a glass of wine for your mind! Below you’ll find 3 of the most popular episodes – looking for a specific topic? Find all episodes on the podcast page. Have a great topic suggestion? Let me know via the contact page!


‘Honestly, this planner is a gamechanger. I was emotional when I was looking at it. Thinking of the struggles and how much this would have helped me in the past.’


‘I think your Special Needs Planner is brilliant. I love the health tracker; it is so helpful trying to figure out what triggered my kid.’


‘I think the Special Needs Supermom Planner is totally fantastic! I love all the different bits and how easy it is to access them.’


Special Needs Supermom Products

Digital planner

The digital Special Needs Supermom planner is the planner that will not only help you go from endless to-do lists to tadaaa lists, it also helps you find time, keep track of your kid’s health and thus help identify possible triggers, set goals and be rewarded.

Printable planner

Upon request: the ink-friendly, printable version of the Special Needs Supermom Planner. This planner will not only help you go from endless to-do’s to creating time for yourself, you can also track your kid’s health and thus identify possible triggers, and much more. Including your very own Mom Reward Chart.

Health tracker

Want to see if something triggers your kid’s health and/or behaviour? This handy digital tracker can help you gain insight. Also really handy when you have follow-up with the specialist.

Get me on board

Mom mentor

Find it hard to relax? Kinda lost yourself as a special needs mom? Heading for burnout? Or want to start following your dreams but haven’t gotten a clue how-to as a special needs mom? Want to or are a mompreneur but need insights on what you need to become successful without heading to burnout?

Let’s have a coffee! 


Wanna book the Special Needs Supermom for your neurodiversity event, inspire entrepreneurs at your business event, how to combine being a special needs mom and chasing your dreams non the less or how  to prevent special needs supermom burnout. Or want to hear why special needs people and care takers are the best employees you can possibly have? Let’s chat. 

Podcast guest

Think my audience would benefit from your story, services or product? Let me know! Send me an email with the why, what and how via the contact page.

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