Health tracker


Digital health tracker to keep track of health and behaviour and discover possible patterns and causes!


Digital health tracker - undated - iPad - Good Notes - easy to copy and paste extra needed pages


- 16 pages total. Easy to copy.

- To be used with planner apps like Good Notes.

- Comes as a downloadable, digital PDF.

- 1 Yearly overview. To write down all major health issues over the year. Combining this important data (like start date of new meds) with the weekly health trackers can provide powerful and useful info regarding trigger points and/or patterns.

- 4 weekly Health Tracker pages. The pages are easy to copy and paste - so you can create the exact amount of pages you need. Whether that’s just for a couple of weeks, a year or even longer.

- Clear sections for morning, afternoon, evening, sleep, food and exercise on each weekly Health Tracker page, including space to sum up the week.

- A section to take notes - so you can write down everything noteworthy.

- Question page - for all your questions for your upcoming visit to your specialist.

I hope the data you record in this Health Tracker will provide you the insights needed to get the best possible care and support and help your kid thrive. Or yourself :).


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