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The Special Needs Supermom planner is the planning tool to help you conquer time, keep track of your kids health and find patterns, get ideas for mini-breaks, and find time for yourself so you can find and recharge those superpowers!


The Special Needs Supermom Planner!

- digital PDF download - undated - 99 pages - hyperlinked tabs

A super handy digital planner that helps you stay on top of the game by:

• Helping you to manage your day with short daily ta-da lists for work, family and yourself. Combined with the clear time schedule it will help you prevent overplanning and therefore help you to stay in charge of your time.

• Giving you a health tracker to help you to keep track of your kids’ health and progress from morning to evening, for food, sleep or exercise.

• Supporting you with Mini-breaks - to remind yourself to include breaks, however short, on a daily base to recharge yourself, so your superpowers don’t crash and burn. Including some ideas for 2, 5 and 15-minute mini-breaks, for both you and your kid(s).

• Easy to use on your iPad and with planner apps like Good Notes

The planner includes 99 pages that are easy to copy so you can have just the amount of pages on each topic you like, including:

• Year overview - 1 page - the most important events of the year all in one page.

• Monthly overview - pages for 3 months - a handy quick 1 page overview to help you prevent overplanning.

• Daily page - 2 months of pages - your guide to sanity with an inspirational quote for the day, a time schedule, space for your to-do’s of the day and a gratitude section.

Health tracker - 4 weeks total - to keep a clear overview of your child’s condition or behavior throughout the day and week.

• Goals - 2 weeks plus two different Mom Reward Charts and digital stickers! - to not only write down your goals for the month or week, but also reward yourself.

• Mini-breaks - 2 handy pages with tips for 1 to 15 minute breaks for yourself and your kiddo.

• Take Note - 10 pages to write down all those handy websites, books, apps, podcasts and what not you come across.


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